About Organization

Trek for Nepal is initiated to welcome adventurers from all over the world to give the best the wonderful travel and trekking experiences. Nepal is known for its stunning natural beauty, with the breathtaking Himalayas offering eight of the world’s largest mountains including MtEverest.

The idea of “Trek for Nepal” is to apply TOURISM in Nepal for achieving Millennium Development Goals. Yes, you can help Nepal end poverty, educate people, gender equality, child and maternal health through eco-tourism. Trek for Nepal provides you high-quality services with the most affordable prices. Doing trekking and adventure in Nepal through has win-win value!

If you choose Trek for Nepal to travel and trekking adventure in Nepal, 80% of the profit goes to Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) initiated community projects. While you are exploring the beauty of Nepal, you may witness VIN’s efforts towards “empowering the most marginalized communities” in Nepal. You may surprise to see the difference VIN has made in its working communities from each dollar we raise out of the trekking/tour program we organize!

We are a responsible trekking and travel company based in Nepal. Our trekking in Nepal program is designed for you – who would like to do more than trekking. Yes through trekking in Nepal, you may gain a life-changing experience. Hundreds of travellers who receive our travel, tour and trekking services, also join our volunteer in Nepal programs

Do you want to have a life changing experience while doing adventure activities like visiting, traveling, trekking in Nepal? Or do you want to do something rewarding and exciting in your career break / holiday in Nepal?

We can help! Trek for Nepal provides a meaningful enriching authentic travel and cultural experience. Our trekking in Nepal program offers a unique design of projects in community health, women’s empowerment, child care, Eco-tourism, community school bulding and Environmental conservation – these placements provide every participants with an exciting variety of travel tours and short trekking around the country, challenges and experiences to broaden their horizons. To experience and combine Volunteering & Tourism holiday, one five
weeks travel adventures holiday opportunity allows you to do it all! Explore the beauty of Nepal and give something back to the people you visited; working alongside with local people on sustainable development projects.

Our volunteer travel tour and trekking programs best suits to everyone who would like to give something back while visiting Nepal. Someone who is in holidays, career break, gap year, retired and thinking for volunteer abroad, travel abroad, teach overseas, base camp trek, short trekking, long trekking, community work, volunteer work, voluntary services, construction, giving back to locals.

You are welcome to join any of the trekking programs we have listed in our websites.